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Get FunnelBud Certified in 1 Day with the Marketing Automation Essentials Course


The Marketing Automation Essentials Course will teach you the essential knowledge that will help you become proficient with FunnelBud. You’ll learn all the basics from setting up your account, creating your marketing content, tracking it with robust campaign analytics, and setting up Visual Workflows to automate your sales process.


Solution Expert: Herbert Muhuri

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What is covered in this course:

  • An overview of the system
  • Setting up your account
  • Best email sending practices
  • Creating marketing content e.g. forms, landing pages, emails
  • Segmenting your leads, lead scoring, and creating lists
  • Automating your processes using Visual Workflows and Action Groups
  • Tracking campaigns and how to use website & visitor analytics
  • How to use the FunnelBud CRM

How we’ll Implement this Solution for You

  • We’ll send you a link to the course. It should take you about 8 -10 hrs to complete it.
  • At the end of the course, there will be an evaluation test to check whether all concepts have been understood.

Key Benefits

  1. This course helps to quickly familiarize your Sales and Marketing team with FunnelBud so that they are able to start using the system faster and know how to utilize all the features correctly.
  2. Reduces the hours spent onboarding and training new team members on how to use FunnelBud.
  3. This course ties in all the parts of FunnelBud together, so that users can gain a deeper and more intuitive understanding of the application.

Cost to Implement

This solution is included in all FunnelBud packages. Contact your Onboarding Specialist or Project Manager for details

About the Author Herbert Muhuri

Herbert is the Support Manager at FunnelBud. He is responsible for guiding and educating new clients, helping solve technical problems, and ensuring hassle-free adoption of the solutions offered.



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