Template Change for Landing Pages, Emails and Forms


If you have brand or website updates, we can help you adjust your landing pages, emails and forms styles to match your brand styles.

Solution Expert: Marie Vitkova

SKU: 2209061245 Category: Included in License Cost: Basic, Standard, PremiumTechnologies: Sharpspring, FunnelBud FlexResults sought after: Align my brand imageTypes of solution: Setup
What this solution gives you:
  1. Landing pages matching the look of your website
  2. Email templates adjusted to your new brand guidelines
  3. Forms matching the styles used on your website
Process of creating this solution:
  1. Discuss the requested changes with your Project Manager;
  2. We distribute the task to our Templates Team;
  3. We send you the updated templates for approval;
  4. If these changes need to be reflected on your other existing emails or landing pages, we will create guidelines you can follow to make these changes (you can also outsource this work to us).
What this costs to implement:

Included in your package (all within the hours included in your license, otherwise charged per hour):

  • Basic package: Max 5 per year
  • Standard package: Max 10 per year
  • Premium package: Max 15 per year

Any work above these limits and additional changes to your existing landing pages and emails can be outsourced to us for $65 per hour.

Key benefits:
  • Updated Landing page templates you can use in all your future funnels;
  • Updated Email templates you can use in all your future sends;
  • Updated Form Styles on forms on your website.

Marie Vitkova

About the Author

Marie is a Project Manager and a Templates, Forms and Funnel Workflows Specialist at FunnelBud. She loves Inbound and enjoys creative work and template design. She manages FunnelBud’s marketing activities, their own website, and multiple “managed website” clients who also do inbound.


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Anders Börde Founder, Head of Product & Strategy, Moblrn


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