Send Goava Company and contacts to FunnelBud


This solution keeps Company information synced between Goava prospecting app and FunnelBud. Goava is a Sales Intelligence tool that helps you Discover your best sales leads. As soon as you mark a company as qualified in Goava Discover, the company information is sent to FunnelBud. Also, an opportunity is created FunnelBud when a contact is exported in Goava.

Solution expert: Priya Jain

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What this solution gives you:

  • Register a Company to Funnelud when is added to the “Qualified” lists in Goava Discover.
  • Register a contact automatically to Funnelud when you export a contact in Goava.
  • Create opportunities automatically in Funnelbud for the contact created/updated when you export a contact in Goava.

How does the integration work:

  • We will need access to your Goava account to configure Integration settings.
  • When a company is added to the “Qualified” lists in Goava Discover, it will trigger the automation and send Company information to FunnelBud.
  • When you export a contact in Goava, it will trigger automation that will
    • Create or update a contact in the FunnelBud.
    • Create an opportunity in FunelBud.
  • When an opportunity is marked as Won in FunnelBud, the resulting action can also add the Company to a specific list, let’s say the “Customers” list in Goava.

Goava allows companies with same name, but FunnelBud only allows unique company names. To avoid conflict due to duplicate names, company name will have organisation number appended to it in FunnelBud.

How do we deliver this solution:

  1. Information gathering – We gather the required information to configure the solution for you.
  2. Configuration –  We will create the required custom fields in FunnelBud, and set up the integration.
  3. Testing and delivery –  After performing an internal run-through of tests, we might also ask you to run a few tests. And deliver the solution after your review.
  4. Training – We will create a help doc for your future reference and provide solution training to your team over a video call.

Cost to implement:

  • One-time setup fee = $350
  • Ongoing Support & Maintenance fee: $35/m (includes Zapier account by FunnelBud)


**Support – Support is provided in case of any issue found in the existing solution.


About the Author

Integrations Architect and responsible for connecting 3rd party apps with FunnelBud and extending its capabilities. The goal is always to enable our customers to derive maximum value from the FunnelBud system. I love technology and digital marketing.


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