Newsletter Sending Foundations Training


Having an email newsletter is one of the most effective ways to increase brand awareness of your products/services, nurture your leads, and keep existing customers engaging with your brand. Overall, newsletters are an important part of any great email marketing strategy

If you want to make sure you won’t miss any steps when creating and sending your first newsletter, this solution is for you.


Solution Expert: Marie Vitkova

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What this Solution Gives you

  1. You’ll learn how to create a reusable newsletter template
  2. Learn how to create and edit your newsletters from an existing template
  3. Learn how to personalize your newsletter for different audiences.
  4. Learn how to send or schedule your newsletter to a list
  5. Become aware of the newsletter must-haves and how to stay legally compliant when sending your newsletter
  6. Learn how to check the email delivery analytics after sending


How we’ll implement this solution for you

  • We’ll design a template for you, and help you create your first newsletter, based on the guidelines you give us
  • We’ll provide you with Help articles and video recordings to guide you through the process of creating future newsletters


Key Benefits of having a Newsletter

  • Generate new leads and drive more sales
  • Grow your brand
  • Build long-term relationships with your customers
  • Platform to announce/promote new products and services


Cost to implement

The simple newsletter solution comes included in all FunnelBud packages. Contact your Onboarding Specialist or Project Manager for details

Marie Vitkova

About the Author

Marie is a Project Manager and a Templates, Forms and Funnel Workflows Specialist at FunnelBud. She loves Inbound and enjoys creative work and template design. She manages FunnelBud’s marketing activities, their own website, and multiple “managed website” clients who also do inbound.


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