Lead Qualification & Management Foundations


Once you have your Marketing funnels and lead pipelines set up, as the lead volume increases there comes a strong need to qualify your prospects based on fit.

Solution Expert: Denis Muhuri

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This lead qualification system allows you to automatically qualify leads that are relevant to you and notify your sales team of these leads. Additionally, you can also create follow-up tasks for further nurturing the leads and also loop in sales leadership to ensure nothing falls through the cracks.

What this solution gives you

  1. Leads are automatically marked as a qualified by the automation, based on what actions they took and the level of interaction with your website

  2. The automation automatically assigns the leads to an owner, based on who handles the leads, or in a round-robin system

  3. Email notifications are sent out to the sales team whenever a new lead is qualified

  4. The automation also creates tasks for the sales team, regarding what follow-up steps to take on the newly qualified lead

  5. An email notification is sent out to the Sales Manager whenever a qualified lead isn’t worked on within 4 weeks after being qualified.

You’ll also get a system custom report in FunnelBud with 4 conversion funnels showing the journey of the leads from:

  • Lead Qualified to Opportunity Created to Opportunity Won
  • Lead Qualified to Opportunity Created to Opportunity Lost
  • Lead Qualified to Lead was Untaken
  • Lead Qualified to Lead was Manually removed from Qualified


How we’ll Implement this Solution for You

We’ll create the standard lead qualification automation for you, and send you resources (help articles & videos) you need to use or modify it.


Cost to Implement

This solution is included in all FunnelBud packages. Contact your Onboarding Specialist or Project Manager for details


Qualified Lead Follow-up Report

Denis Muhuri

About the Author

Denis is the Head of Delivery and Customer Success at FunnelBud, where he passionately guides businesses towards understanding and leveraging the power of marketing automation and CRM to optimize their marketing and sales processes. With an extensive background in digital marketing and marketing automation systems, he specializes in integrating these elements to create dynamic and efficient strategies.


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