Advanced Chatbot Setup


This is an advanced chatbot implementation that will suit most business types. Other than collecting basic information from the leads. This chatbot can collect more information for segmentation and other uses you may have in your business process. It includes the possibility to include live chat should your business need it.


Solution Expert: Denis Muhuri

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An advanced chatbot is an automation tool that can be used for various purposes such as capturing leads, handling customer support questions and connecting visitors with your sales team via live chat. Based on the information collected by the chatbot your team is able to provide more customized follow-ups that can lead to closing more sales. The live chat functionality helps leads be taken care of when they are hot.

Key Features of the Chatbot

  • Other than the basic information: like name and email. The chatbot will collect other data points for better segmentation and information that may be needed by sales/marketing teams.
  • If preferred live chat can be activated for visitors to have live chats with your team members. (Note: For live chat functionality to be implemented, your team needs to have Slack installed.)
  • Possibility to trigger a wide range of automation actions based on user selection
  • You can specify the audience and pages you want the chatbot to appear on
  • Possibility to ask visitors to subscribe to the newsletter after the primary conversation is completed.

How we’ll implement the Advanced Chatbot Solution for you

  • Have a session to discuss the various segments/branches the chatbot will be handling. This can be similar to the segments you have on your forms e.g. the contact form
  • We’ll create the chatbot automation after confirmation of the segments/branches of the chatbot
  • We’ll need information regarding the preferred position of the chatbot(bottom right or left), the name of the chatbot and the avatar to use on the chatbot.
  • After the chatbot is completed we’ll deploy it on one page for testing purposes.
  • Launch the chatbot to the agreed pages after testing is completed.
  • Depending on the complexity of the chatbot that will be created, the solution can take up to 3 weeks to deliver.

Benefits of having a Chatbot

  1. Improves conversion rates on websites resulting in the generation of more leads.
  2. It can automate repetitive tasks such as answering frequently asked questions and booking meetings.
  3. It reduces the pressure on your existing customer support, which leads to cost-saving.
  4. It could widen your audience reach and lead to higher sales.
  5. Live chat functionality ensures your visitors get immediate responses from your team.
  6. Chat history is logged on the life of the lead for future reference.

Cost to implement

Basic Customers: Custom offer based on the complexity of the chatbot. We will scope your requirements and make you a proposal. The proposal will include a custom Setup fee and a monthly Support & Maintenance fee.

Standard and above Customers: $0 (included!).

Contact your Project Manager for details.

Screenshot of an advanced Chatbot

advanced chatbot

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