Basic Chatbot Setup


This is a generic chatbot implementation that will suit most business types. The chatbot’s main function will be to collect the lead’s contact information and forward it to you via an email notification so that someone from your team can follow up afterward.

Later on, you can upgrade to the advanced chatbot solution and supercharge your chatbot with more features and options, e.g. live chat.


Solution Expert: Denis Muhuri

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Chatbots are a popular channel for sales as well as customer service inquiries. They collect vital information from your website visitors and provide a means for your customers to get in touch with you and get support without too much hassle.

Key Features of the Chatbot

  • Has a profile picture that can be customized to match any face or person in your company, and make it seem like the users are communicating with a real person.
  • It collects the lead’s first name, email address, and message to give you some context of who they are and what issue they’re having
  • It sends an email notification to someone in your company and adds them to your list of contacts, whenever someone submits their information to the bot
  • You can specify which page(s) you want the chatbot to appear on.

How we’ll implement the Basic Chatbot Solution for you

  • We’ll create most of the chatbot assets and workflows for you
  • We’ll need some minimal info from you regarding which avatar you want to use on your bot, and to who the email notifications will go out.
  • The chatbot can be built and be up and running on your website within 1 day after ordering this solution.

Benefits of having a Chatbot

  1. They could bring in additional leads i.e. lead generation
  2. It can automate repetitive tasks such as answering frequently asked questions and booking meetings
  3. It reduces the pressure on your existing customer support, which leads to cost-saving
  4. It could widen your audience reach and lead to higher sales
  5. Chat history is logged on the life of the lead for future reference.
  6. A more personalized chatbot can result in better conversion rates


Cost to implement

The basic chatbot solution comes included in all FunnelBud packages. Contact your Onboarding Specialist or Project Manager for details

Video Showing Basic Chatbot in Action

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