Automated Notifications for GDPR Data Removal Requests


Data privacy is an important thing for internet users. It’s therefore crucial for businesses to have a process to handle customer or lead requests to have their data deleted from your company’s database(s). This solution helps to send timely notifications to the person in charge of handling GDPR data deletion requests and put the contacts in a list so that they are deleted soonest possible.

Solution Expert: Your FunnelBud Project Manager

SKU: 20221809 Categories: , Included in License Cost: Starter, Basic, Standard, PremiumTechnologies: Sharpspring, FunnelBud FlexResults sought after: Gain control over your sales process, Make sales process more effective, Automate sales processTypes of solution: Setup
What this solution gives you:

This solution helps to send an automated notification to the relevant person when a customer or lead requests their data to be deleted via a form.

Process of creating this solution:
  1. Creation of a form in FunnelBud with standard fields; first name, last name, email and message. Other additional fields can be added if preferred.

  2. Creation of automation in FunnelBud that sends notifications to the email address of the relevant person in your company when the form is filled.

  3. Creation of a rules-based list that contains contacts that have requested their data to be removed by filling the form created in step 1.

Cost: Included for all clients. You can do it yourself, or simply request your project manager to include it in your next meeting’s agenda so that you can do it together via screen share.

Denis Muhuri

About the Author

Denis is the Head of Delivery and Customer Success at FunnelBud, where he passionately guides businesses towards understanding and leveraging the power of marketing automation and CRM to optimize their marketing and sales processes. With an extensive background in digital marketing and marketing automation systems, he specializes in integrating these elements to create dynamic and efficient strategies.


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