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Are you tired of sending emails into the abyss and wasting email marketing efforts? Do you know that a high email bounce rate and spam complaint rate can harm your domain’s reputation?

Ensuring that all email addresses are functional allows you to set yourself up for success. This solution helps you vet every email on your list to ensure you send them to existing verifiable contacts.

Solution Expert: FunnelBud’s Marketing Automation Experts

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What this solution gives you:

You get a seamless process through which you can verify your email list and ensure all the contacts are legit. It is a great way to get a clearer picture of the number of prospective clients.

A report of every email in your list. It also automatically deletes those that are not proper.

A contact database with emails that are verified as functional.

Key benefits

The solution saves you the time you’d spend manually checking your email list for fake emails and the like.

The solution helps you reduce the number of bounced emails you send, which could cause:

  • Blacklisting of your domain
  • Your emails landing in other inboxes as spam
  • Low deliverability rates
How can you get this solution?
  1. Funnelbud sets up the email verification tool.
  2. On each of your lead’s custom fields, you set a trigger to direct all added emails to the tool.
  3. Start sending your emails! We’ll verify the email and send a report each time a trigger is activated.
  4. Based on the report, the system will either give the green light for that address or delete it from your email list.
What this costs to implement:

A basic cost of 1 cent per verified email will apply. Consult your project manager for customised quote depending on the size of your project.


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