CRM Process Setup


We take you through FunnelBud’s complete step-by-step CRM setup process, which includes deep needs analysis, proposal, and setup.

It results with your sales process being defined both on “paper” and set up in the system, including 1-2 pipelines with the overall stages, actions with reminders and highlighted fields defined in each step, and automations with checklists and content that support that process.

Note: FunnelBud defines the process and the “skeleton” of the process, but you are expected to produce the content, for example for email automations. We can do this for you at a cost.

Solution Expert: Yusuf Young

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What this solution gives you:
  • One or more sales pipelines you can start using immediately.
  • A sales process defined and implemented in FunnelBud so that can start getting more control over your sales.
Process of creating this solution:
  1. We will have one or more discovery calls with your key stakeholders.
  2. We will prepare a sales process internally and propose a template that could work best for your company.
  3. We then hold another workshop with you to test the feasibility of the process
  4. The Manager will build your initial pipelines based on our recommendations and findings.
  5. Have other meetings to go through your new pipeline(s) and perform basic CRM training. These will also include some video guides
What this costs to implement:

Costs are Included for all Funnelbud customers withing the included hours of your package. For more hours, we will charge $65/h, pre-agreement. This process is estimated to take 8 hours for each pipeline we build for you.

Key benefits:
  • You will be able to start using the sales pipeline immediately with standard processes.
  • It provides a solid foundation for your sales activities. So you will be able to build on the process and create additional automations, steps and processes.
  • You will have a well streamlined and effective sales process that guarantees your company’s success.
About the Author Yusuf Young

Yusuf helps companies use Marketing Automation to grow B2B sales. In his role as a Marketing Automation consultant implementing systems such as HubSpot and Salesforce, he discovered the need for better services at a lower cost. Today, he runs FunnelBud to make the fruits of sales and marketing technology available to businesses worldwide.



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