Consolidate your lead magnet forms into a single form


If you have multiple lead magnets using the same form layout, then this solution is for you. It will save you time since you don’t need to create a new form for each downloadable or edit several forms when any changes should be done.

Solution Expert: Your project manager

SKU: 2208021202 Category: Included in License Cost: Standard, PremiumTechnologies: SharpspringTypes of solution: Setup
What this solution gives you:
  • A setup to use a single form for several lead magnets or downloadables. Perfect if you have multiple lead magnets using the same form layout and don’t want to create a new form for each and edit several forms if any changes will be made.


Process of creating this solution:
  1. Deciding the form layout or which of the existing forms in FunnelBud should be used.
  2. If no form exists, FunnelBud will create it based on the decided form layout.
  3. FunnelBud make changes to the form script to activate the function of multi-use.
  4. FunnelBud sets up a document that will auto-generate the form script to add to your website for each lead magnet
  5. FunnelBud sets up the workflow that will send the emails with the lead magnets (Note: email content not included in this solution)
  6. FunnelBud sends a training video on how to use the form for new lead magnets.
What this costs to implement:

Starter and Basic package: $99, one-time-fee

Standard and Premium package: Included

Key benefits:
  • Save time by using a single form and form layout for several downloadables. No need to edit several forms or create a new one for each lead magnet.

Lynx Jonsson

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