Custom Lead Nurturing


Often times, many leads in your system might not be ready to buy and such leads might turn cold. Nurturing your leads through the sales process is very essential and can result in satisfied customers and higher conversion rates.

This solution helps you create custom automated nurturing flows that will follow up with your leads with a few emails based on their interests/what they are looking for.

Solution Expert: Sanya Jagiasi

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What this solution gives you:
  1. Custom fields that the sales team can trigger when a lead requires nurturing
  2. Automated nurturing sequences that will send out emails to leads when they require nurturing

Note: This solution delivery does not include content production.

Process of creating this solution:
  1. We create a custom field based on what kind of nurturing sequences you want to implement (long term/short term/standard etc)
  2. We will create the nurturing automations, and show you how you can edit the content
  3. Optional: we can exclude those leads that are already undergoing other nurturing sequences 
 Example of custom field that can be created for sales team to select from

How this works:
  1. When your salesperson feels a particular lead requires nurturing, they will select what kind of nurturing needs to be implemented
  2. This will trigger the respective automation to carry out the actions set (sending out emails in a timely manner)
What this costs to implement:

This solution is included in your package for all tiers but the content is not included.

Key benefits of nurturing:
  • Great way to build relationships with potential buyers and drive them down your sales funnel
  • Helps you stay ‘top of the mind’ with your audience who is not yet ready to buy
  • Reminds those leads (who have visited your site but not interacted), about your business
  • This can result in satisfied customers and higher conversion rates
  • Helps maintain engagement because of constant and timely communication
  • Establishes loyalty and trust


Sanya Jagiasi

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