Clone Opportunities


If you have multiple opportunities per customer and you want to be able to quickly clone an existing opportunity to create new ones with the same information, this solution is perfect for you.

This is useful if you have opportunities for the different products or services for the same company, or opportunities for different departments of the same company, or if you’re a recruiting or headhunting business and you have opportunities for different positions for the same company.

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What this solution gives you:
  • A easy and quick way to create a new opportunity from an existing opportunity
  • A way to copy all relevant data from the original opportunity to the cloned opportunity
  • An option to select the stage where the new opportunity will be created in
  • A way differentiate the new opportunity from the original opportunity
  • A short video guide to show you how to use it


How it works:
  • Check Clone Opportunity checkbox
  • Select the Stage where the new opportunity will be created in
  • Enter “Position to fill” in the corresponding field. (You can use other custom fields like “Product”, “Service”, “Department” etc. The purpose of this field is to distinguish one opportunity from the other opportunities in the company)
  • Optionally, enter of the email address of primary contact for the new opportunity
  • Click Save
  • The system will create a new opportunity in the selected Stage with all relevant information from the original opportunity
  • The new opportunity name will be [Original opportunity name + Position to fill]
    The Clone Opportunity checkbox will be reset
  • To create another opportunity, check the Clone Opportunity checkbox again


How we will deliver this solution to you:

You let us know the following information:

  • Sales Pipeline where you want to clone opportunities
  • Stages where you want to create new opportunities in
  • The custom fields in the opportunities that will be cloned
  • The custom field that will be added to the new opportunity to differentiate it from the original opportunity (example: Position, Product, etc.)

We’ll set it up and add a short video guide to your help portal


What this cost to implement:
  • Basic: $150 one time setup fee + $20/month Zapier fee (waived if you already have a Zapier account with us)
  • Standard and up: Included in the package

Sheryll Chua

About the Author

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