Create a customized, industry-based nurturing sequence for decision makers


A personalized industry-based email sequence provides relevant and valuable content that appeals to your target recipients. By tailoring the content and messaging to the specific interests and needs of your potential customers, you are driving meaningful engagement and higher open rates, and improving your sales conversion rates. Overall, investing in personalized industry-based email sequences is a highly effective way to optimize your email marketing efforts and drive better results.


SKU: 2305181138 Category: Included in License Cost: Basic, Standard, PremiumTechnologies: Sharpspring, FunnelBud Flex, FunnelBud FlowResults sought after: Communicate with your leadsTypes of solution: Setup
What this solution gives you:
  • Email templates with dynamic content feature that will enable you to customized your emails based on industry (additional categories can also be added). This means you won’t need to create an email for every industry, dynamic content will ensure that your emails are tailored to your recipients’ interest and needs.
  • We’ll also set up the emails for the nurturing sequence.
  • Custom fields and a nurturing email workflow that will allow you to add the decision maker to the nurturing sequence from the contact or opportunity record. The emails will be sent out based on the schedule that you’ve chosen.
  • A list of contacts for each industry and salesperson.
  • An email report that will show you how many times each email in the sequence was sent, opened and clicked.
  • An instruction guide in your help portal.


  • Email content for each industry. If you’re only personalizing certain sections of the email, you need to provide the whole email content, the sections that need to change and the content of these sections per industry.
  • The number of emails and the cadence of the sequence (order of the emails and the interval between each sendout)
  • Industry options. If you want to add additional segments, please provide those as well.


How it works:

We’ll build an action group with the following sequence:

  • Send Email 1
  • On the same day: Create a task to call the lead ( due now)
  • On the same day: Create a task to send message to the lead in LinkedIn (due 1 week later)
  • 2 weeks later: Send Email 2
  • 2 weeks later: Create a task to call the lead (due 1 week later)


  • All emails will be sent from lead owner and will use token to reflect lead owner’s signature
  • All tasks will be saved as events in the lead owner’s calendar.
Delivery Process:
  • Once we have all the requirements, we’ll create the emails (including content) and build the automations.
  • We’ll demo the solution, get your feedback and make adjustments if needed.
  • When the setup is approved, we’ll send a delivery document containing all the information you need to start using this solution.
  • We’ll also show you how to duplicate and edit the action group to be used for other campaigns in the future.
  • If needed, we’ll also schedule a short demo to show you how to it works.


Cost to implement: $400

Sheryll Chua

About the Author

Sheryll is a senior project manager at FunnelBud who enjoys automating challenging processes as well as coming up with out-of-the-box solutions to make clients' work easier and more efficient. She is also the team's reporting specialist responsible for building reports and dashboards to help you develop data-driven business strategies.


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