Automated newsletter click funnels


Are you sending newsletters regularly, but not sure what to do with people who click?

This solution automatically nurture those who click with high-value content, and tries to convert them to the next step!

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How it works

Many companies send newsletters, and many of their customers actually click those links.

But unless you have a sales team that actively checks who clicked what and knows how to follow up, those clicks can go to waste!

This solution instead automatically adds whoever clicked into a nice nurturing sequence – not one that sends hundreds of emails, but maybe 1-2 emails highly relevant to the topic they clicked to read about, and entice them to take the next step by either downloading something, attending a webinar, or booking a free consultation meeting with you!

As an example, a typical B2B business might have anywhere between 10-50 clicks per month for a business that sells deals valued at around 10,000$ or more. If you just convert a few of those clicks into meetings with these high-value, automated sequences, then you will fill your pipeline with tens of thousands in deal value every month, without doing any work at all to book those meetings!

The delivery:

For this solution, we want to make it as much “build and then don’t touch” as possible. You should build it, and then it should just work by itself from then on. Therefore, we typically recommend this approach:

  1. Your website probably consists of various categories. So we recommend building one email sequence for each of your website categories.
  2. Each email sequence consists of 2-3 emails, sent a few hours after the first visit, and then a day or two after the visit. (Could depend on whether they click the previous email in the sequence). Our typical recommendation is below.
  3. A meeting booking page for your team where the lead can book a meeting, or a landing page with a form where they can either request a consultation or download a related lead magnet (one lead magnet per email sequence).
Email sequence recipe:

Our typical recommendation is this:

Email 1: More information about the category they clicked on. For example a deeper article describing common challenges facing people looking at that category, and how to solve that problem.

Email 2: Information about how to solve the problems described in email 1.

Email 3: Personal email sent by a member of your sales team that asks if they would like to have a meeting.

Landing page: Either a team meeting booking page, an individual meeting booking page, or a lead magnet such as a Webinar they can watch, events you are hosting that they can attend on the topic, or a whitepaper/guide about the problem they are facing.

What we will do / what you will do:

You can outsource this fully to us. In that case, we’ll recommend the full process for you and build everything out for an hourly fee, including the content of the emails. But you need to provide the lead magnets, if we are going to use lead magnets (whitepaper, pre-recorded webinars, deep dive demo videos).

However, if you want to learn it yourself, we will aid you in the process by consulting you and showing you how to build this out in the system. We recommend this approach, since it makes you an expert in the system, allowing you to make changes and build more things in the future without depending on us.


Included for all packages (Basic and up) if you build it yourself with our help / training. Otherwise, we’ll quote you an hourly fee for building it out for you.

How to order:

Just book a meeting with your FunnelBud Marketing Automation Consultant and tell them you want this and whether you want to build it yourself or outsource to us, and we’ll help you do the rest! 🙂

Yusuf Young

About the Author

Yusuf helps companies use Marketing Automation to grow B2B sales. In his role as a Marketing Automation consultant implementing systems such as HubSpot and Salesforce, he discovered the need for better services at a lower cost. Today, he runs FunnelBud to make the fruits of sales and marketing technology available to businesses worldwide.


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