Nurture leads from your “Call Me” solution (CallPage etc.)


If you have a “Click here to receive a call from us” type solution, it is likely that your leads are not being nurtured after the initial call. Or that you don’t know what happens with these leads after they have requested a call, or that salespeople are spending unnecessary admin time registering them into some system manually.

With this solution, not only will those leads get automagically entered into your CRM with an associated opportunity (optional), they will also be nurtured, and you will be able to measure how many such leads you’re getting, and how many of them turn into actual deals!

Note: It is a pre-requisite that the solution your are using has a Zapier-integration, or APIs that allow us to develop a custom integration.

Solution expert: Inbound Strategist + Integration Specialist

SKU: 2209211948-1 Categories: , , , Included in License Cost: Standard, PremiumTechnologies: Sharpspring, FunnelBud FlexResults sought after: Communicate with your leads, Automate sales processTypes of solution: Setup
What this solution gives you:
  • An integration between FunnelBud and your “Call Me” solution (for example CallPage or other similar solutions)
  • A qualified lead or opportunity created automatically in FunnelBud when someone requests a call
  • A nurturing funnel triggered that helps you salespeople nurture and qualify those leads, and avoid missing important ones that might qualify over time
How do we deliver this solution:
  1. Information gathering – We analyze your “call me” solution, what types of leads you’re getting, the type of funnel that will work best in your case, and what you can expect from the nurturing in terms of additional qualified leads.
  2. Scoping and materials We will create a scoping document and send it to you for approval. The scoping documents include the things we need from you, triggers, actions and data to be transferred.
  3. Configuration – We will build out the integration for you and train you on how you can build the nurturing emails. We will give you as much help as you need to build out the nurturing content. If you prefer that we build it for you, you can outsource this to us, including the content if you wish.
  4. Reports – We will build out the necessary conversion reports for you so that you can analyze how many leads this is giving you, how the nurturing emails are performing, and how many of those leads move forward in your sales pipeline and turn into deals.
  5. Documentation – We will document the solution on your help portal so that you know how to improve the content or add additional nurturing content in the future.
Cost to implement:


  • One-time setup fee = $150
  • Ongoing Support & Maintenance fee: $75/m (includes Zapier account by FunnelBud)

Solution Invoicing:

  • Upfront payment: $150+$75 (for the first month).
  • Maintenance: $75/month onwards
  • Any changes or upgrades from the scope will be charged on an hourly basis.

Additional Services and Costs

  • Any Outsourced Work – $65/hour. Outsourced work like Editing forms, creating forms, creating emails, creating content, etc.

Standard and up:

  • One-time setup fee = $0
  • Ongoing Support & Maintenance fee: $0

**Billing starts on scope approval.

Yusuf Young

About the Author

Yusuf helps companies use Marketing Automation to grow B2B sales. In his role as a Marketing Automation consultant implementing systems such as HubSpot and Salesforce, he discovered the need for better services at a lower cost. Today, he runs FunnelBud to make the fruits of sales and marketing technology available to businesses worldwide.


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