Russell Brunson-style Break Even Lead Gen Funnel for B2B with Upsell


In his book Traffic Secrets, Russell Brunson explains the importance of building a list, and how to build one while going break even so that it can be scaled to thousands of leads that can be upsold to.

A funnel like that consists of paid traffic -> pages that convert them to leads and upsell if possible -> email sequence that build value and trust -> email sequence that introduces an upsell funnel -> pages that convert leads to upsells (with an immediate upsell if possible).

With FunnelBud, you can build such end-to-end funnels from beginning to end and measure them. With this solution, we’ll help you do just that.

The result: A list of leads that trust you and have a relationship with you, that you can make your full offer to.

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What this solution gives you:
  1. A set of landing pages designed to convert paid traffic to leads, with thank you pages that upsell immediately to those leads.
  2. A set of value emails sent directly after conversion, followed by a set of upsell emails, building up anticipation for the upsell and then introducing the upsell.
  3. A set of upsell landing pages designed to upsell your offer to your visitors, with thank you pages that upsell your complete offer immediately to those leads. This can be something they purchase online, or a meeting with you where you sell this for them.
  4. A sequence of value emails to the buyers directly after the purchase, followed by a sequence of high-ticket upsell emails introducing them to your highest offer, making them in essence a qualified lead. (This can be a sales demo, trial of your main product, a consulting call, etc. depending on what you sell.)
  5. An advertising strategy (all channels) designed to drive traffic to your entry landing page.
  6. A set of reports in your reporting dashboard detailing exactly what works and what doesn’t.
Process of creating this solution:
  1. We will send you training material that explains how a Funnel like this works.
  2. We will advise you on which specific offers you can make on the various parts of your funnel, i.e. design it on paper. We will also make some basic guesses/predictions on how many leads could realistically move through the various stages and what they could cost.
  3. We will guide you on how to execute this plan in the software (how to build the funnel, the reports, etc.) to get it done effectively, correctly, and while maximizing your own learning. If you need new templates, reports, etc. that might be helpful in this work, we will produce those for you as part of the included services in the package you’re on.
What this costs to implement:

If you want us to advise you: Included as part of the “Success Consulting” component in all packages.

If you want to outsource parts of this to us: You can outsource planning, execution, or content components to us for an hourly fee or fixed cost estimate.

Key benefit:

You will get a funnel that brings in leads, builds trust, and makes an upsell offer – and if we can find a value offer that is paid, which will pay for itself, giving you a scalable way to generate hundreds or thousands of free leads!

Yusuf Young

About the Author

Yusuf helps companies use Marketing Automation to grow B2B sales. In his role as a Marketing Automation consultant implementing systems such as HubSpot and Salesforce, he discovered the need for better services at a lower cost. Today, he runs FunnelBud to make the fruits of sales and marketing technology available to businesses worldwide.


We are very impressed by how much FunnelBud's software provides, and the amount of expertise we get by them. We can feel peace of mind and focus on our business growth.

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By using FunnelBud's professional, well-structured and helpful support, we were able to implement SharpSpring quickly and easily. In just 3 months, we have already doubled our leads. We are very pleased.

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