Send offline conversions from FunnelBud to Google Ads


This solution syncs FunnelBud with Google Ads. It allows you to import your offline conversion data from your CRM system directly into Google Ads, gaining valuable insights into targeting, bids, and creative performance. And enables you to improve your bidding models with reliable conversion data.

Solution expert: Priya Jain

SKU: 202305271812 Categories: , , , , Included in License Cost: Paid implementationsTechnologies: Sharpspring, FunnelBud FlexResults sought after: Understand your customers, Increase conversions, Gain control over your sales process, Get more leadsTypes of solution: Setup

What this solution gives you:

Using this solution you could send events from your  CRM to connect Google Ad campaigns to offline activity.
It seamlessly imports conversion events from FunnelBud, transforming them into valuable data for Google Ads.  With this solution, you can streamline your marketing efforts and achieve better results.
This workflow allows you to automatically import offline conversions using the contact email.

How does the integration work:

When a contact or an opportunity is updated in FunnelBud the integration will send the contact to your Google Ads Account. Integration can also send important information like Conversion value, currency and conversion time to Google Ads.

Google Ads minimum requirements

  • Conversion actions with the source “Import from Click” are supported.
  • Be able to sign in to the Google Ads account you want to send offline conversion data.
  • Opt-in to enhanced conversions for leads in your Ads account
  • Know the name of your conversion action(s) as defined on the Google Ads “Conversions” page.
    • Note: Only conversion actions with the source “Import from Click” are supported.

FunnelBud Requirements

  • Conversion event is tracked for an Object i.e. a “Contact”, or an “Opportunity”.
  • FunnelBud required fields
    • A field in the object that is updated when the conversion happens (for example, when the “Status” field in the “Contact” object is updated to Marketing Qualified).
    • A field that holds the conversion event timestamp (when a given record reaches the conversion event)
    • A field to save Google ads response URL to conversion.

Please Opt-in to enhanced conversions for leads in your Ads account to use Email  to measure your offline conversions.

  • Information gathering – We will require your Google Ads account to be connected to Zapier.
  • Configuration and Set up – We will set up the needed configuration in FunnelBud and the zaps.
  • Training  – We will provide the help document on how the solution works.

Cost to implement:

    • One-time setup fee = $250
    • Ongoing Support & Maintenance fee: $25/m (includes Zapier account by FunnelBud)

**Support – Support is provided in case of any issues found in the existing solution. It does not include modifications or upgrades.


About the Author

Integrations Architect and responsible for connecting 3rd party apps with FunnelBud and extending its capabilities. The goal is always to enable our customers to derive maximum value from the FunnelBud system. I love technology and digital marketing.


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