Visual Branding


If you struggle to attract and convince customers of your expertise, then your brand is probably lacking.

This Visual branding solution is just what you need to create a relatable and relevant brand that helps you stand out from the competition.


Solution Expert: Lynx Jonsson

SKU: 2209231328 Category: Included in License Cost: Paid implementationsTechnologies: Sharpspring, FunnelBud FlexResults sought after: Align my brand image
What this solution gives you:

A comprehensive brand guide for your business that includes:

  • A text logo
  • Fonts
  • Colour schemes
  • Imagery suggestions based on the brand message
Why do you need the Visual branding solution?

The solution will help you create a consistent and relevant brand that will visually communicate to your potential customers who you are.

It will facilitate your lead generation efforts because appropriate branding helps boost your credibility

The solution will help you increase brand awareness across different platforms which brings multiple business benefits.

How we will deliver this solution to you:
  • We will have a meeting with you and provide a questionnaire to learn more about your business and the message you’d like to convey about your company. (Note: Deciding the message is not part of this solution, it has to be already in place)
  • Our team will then compile a tailored visual branding sheet for your business that will capture the essence of your company and what you’d like to convey to your customers.
  • We will present the draft brand guide and discuss it further with you until satisfied
  • You will receive a complete document outlining the different elements of your visual brand so you can use it across platforms.
Cost to implement:
  • $899, one-time-fee for customers
  • $1499, one-time-fee for non-customers

Lynx Jonsson

About the Author

Project manager and responsible for FunnelBud Go. I love all things inbound marketing and to get our clients to use FunnelBud Go to the fullest.


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