Custom Scoped Project


If you want to a custom-built solution that fits your unique business requirements, we can do that as custom scoped project.

Solution expert: Priya Jain

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What this solution gives you
  • A fully scoped project that is custom-built according to your business needs and processes as well as best marketing practices
  • A team of professionals that will work with you from start to finish
    • A project manager who will oversee the whole project, will manage timelines, updates and deliveries
    • A dedicated systems developer who will build the sync
    • Other specialist roles as neeced. For examle, a reports specialist to build dashboards and help you visualize and analyze all the data that is relevant to the project or a front-end engineer to design and develop UIs for the project.


How we will deliver this project to you

For custom scoped project, we follow a standard procedure:

  1. Information gathering – We will have a meeting to discuss requirements, understand your needs and processes and collect any information that is relevant to the project. Then another meeting where we present our proposal, usually with process flowchart. Additional meetings may be required defending on the complexity of the project.
  2. Scoping and materials – We will create a scoping document based on everything that was discussed during information gathering. Included in the document are the things we need from you to able to start development like API documents, API access, etc. We will also require you to thoroughly review and approve the project scope before we move to the next step. Scoping is a paid upfront cost, unless your package includes it (see below).
  3. Development – Once project scope is approved and all materials are on hand, we will start development.
  4. Testing – We will create a Test Cases document based on the approved requirements and scope. We will use these test cases for internal testing to ensure that everything is working according to what was agreed on in the scoping document. Once we’re done with internal testing, we will send you the test cases and you will have a minimum of 1 week to test the project. If possible, testing will be done in a test environment.
  5. Delivery – After the testing period and you have verified that everything is working properly, we will send you an Implementation Delivery document to sign off. Once you signed off, the project is considered completed and delivered.
  6. Support and maintenance – We will provide post implementation support and fix any issues as long as the erring function is covered in the original project scope. Any revisions or additions to the project will be considered for the next version. Maintenance will also be provided, cost is subject to the available hours in your package.


Cost to implement
  • Custom quote for the scoping process, then a custom quote for the different phases of development where we charge half upfront and the rest upon approved delivery.
  • Support and maintenance is charge on an hourly rate.

Sheryll Chua

About the Author

Sheryll is a senior project manager at FunnelBud who enjoys automating challenging processes as well as coming up with out-of-the-box solutions to make clients' work easier and more efficient. She is also the team's reporting specialist responsible for building reports and dashboards to help you develop data-driven business strategies.


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