Standard CRM Integration using Zapier


Marketing automation system and CRM integration doesn’t have to complex. The main goal of the sync is to align marketing with sales and create a seamless process between these two systems to manage leads, qualify and convert them to prospects, and close deals. This solution is perfect if you need a simple, faster way to integrate FunnelBud with your CRM. We will follow our standard integration process to ensure that you get the same value as with a more custom API integration.

Solution expert: Priya Jain

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What this solution gives you
  • A standard FunnelBud – CRM integration process that syncs the following objects (provided that it’s possible to do via Zapier or Integromat):
    • Contacts
    • Deals
    • Companies


How this works
  • From different sources, the lead enters FunnelBud as an Open lead.
  • It goes through some nurturing processes created by the marketing team. Marketing also qualifies the lead manually or automatically through automations.
  • If a lead is set as Marketing Qualified (Lead Status = Qualified), it will be synced to the CRM (either as a lead or a contact depending on what’s available in Zapier) with all the relevant information that the sales team can use to evaluate the MQL.
  • In the CRM, there must be a qualification process where MQLs sent from FunnelBud are marked as Accepted or Rejected.
    • If Sales takes the MQL, this status is sent back to FunnelBud and the corresponding lead will be updated. Alternately, sales can create an Opportunity for the lead. The CRM opportunity is synced back to FunnelBud as an opportunity and will be attached to the lead.
    • If Sales rejects the MQL, this information is also synced back to FunnelBud.
  • If the synced opportunity in the CRM is updated, especially if it’s closed as won or lost, the corresponding opportunity in FunnelBud will be updated as well.

funnelbud crm integration

How we will deliver this solution to you
  • You provide access to your CRM so we can set up integration via Zapier
  • We create all necessary automations in FunnelBud and set up the sync based on the process described above
  • We demo how the integration works and provide you a user guide


Key benefits

Doing the integration this way:

  • Marketing will know what happened to the MQL they sent to Sales – how many were accepted, rejected, convert to opportunities and ultimately became customers.
  • Sales will be able to communicate to Marketing the kind of leads that they want vs the quality of the leads they are getting.
  • By working together, both teams will get an insight on what activities are driving not only leads, but also sales and what they need to focus on to achieve their goals.


Cost to implement
  • Basic: Custom quote
  • Standard and Premium: Included within the allowed scope of the Standard and Premium package. Please see our pricing page for more details on how much is included.

Sheryll Chua

About the Author

Sheryll is a senior project manager at FunnelBud who enjoys automating challenging processes as well as coming up with out-of-the-box solutions to make clients' work easier and more efficient. She is also the team's reporting specialist responsible for building reports and dashboards to help you develop data-driven business strategies.


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