Standard Sync Sharpspring Contacts to LearnWorlds


This solution provides a quick way to integrate your FunnelBud contacts into LearnWorlds.

Solution expert: Priya Jain

SKU: 2211241835 Categories: , , Included in License Cost: Standard, PremiumTechnologies: SharpspringResults sought after: Communicate with your customers, Upsell to customers, Communicate with your leads
What this solution gives you
  • When a Contact is created or updated in Sharpspring, the same contact if it exists can be synced to LearnWorlds.
  • A one-way sync between FunnelBud and LearnWorlds.
How it works
  • When a user is created/updated in Sharpspring, a webhook trigger sends updated contact information to Zapier.
  • Based on the Trigger one of the following actions can be done in Learnworlds.
    • Find User and Add Tags to the User
    • Create User
    • Find User and Remove Tags From the User
    • Enrol User
  • After the update can do basic follow-up actions in Sharpspring like a custom field update or move to List.
How we will deliver this solution to you
  • Information gathering –  You should provide us with triggers and data which should be sent from one app to another.
  • Scoping and materials – We will create a scoping document and send it to you for approval. The scoping documents include the things we need from you, triggers, actions and data to be transferred. You should be providing approval on the Scope Document. After Scope and billing approval we start the implementation.
  • Configuration – Based on the scope of work defined, our team will connect FunnelBud and Learnworlds via Zapier. We will need your LearnWorlds admin access (Please note this is the login to your account in the LW website, NOT the login to the LW instance installed in your course site).
  • Testing – We will create a Test Cases document based on the approved requirements and scope. We will use these test cases for internal testing to ensure that everything works according to what was agreed upon in the scoping doc. After internal testing test cases are shared with the customer for internal testing.
  • Delivery – Once you’ve tested and everything is working properly, we will send you an Implementation Delivery document to sign off. Once you signed off, the project is considered completed and delivered.
  • Training – We will create a help doc for your future reference and provide solution training to your team over a 1 hour(max) video call.
Cost to implement:


  • One-time setup fee = $150
  • Ongoing Support & Maintenance fee: $75/m (includes Zapier account by FunnelBud)
  • Support – Support is provided in case of any issue found in the existing solution.

Standard and up:

  • One-time setup fee = $0
  • Ongoing Support & Maintenance fee: $0

Solution Invoicing:

  • Upfront payment: $150+$75(for the first month).
  • Maintenance: $75/month onwards
  • Any changes or upgrades from the scope will be charged on an hourly basis.

Additional Services and Costs

  • Any Outsourced Work – $65/hour. Outsourced work like Editing forms, creating forms, creating emails, landing pages etc.

Note: Custom workflow (if needed ) will be scoped and charged separately based on custom requirements. The fee will be added on top of the one-time setup fee as per your plan.


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Integrations Architect and responsible for connecting 3rd party apps with FunnelBud and extending its capabilities. The goal is always to enable our customers to derive maximum value from the FunnelBud system. I love technology and digital marketing.


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