Syncing Campaign Attribution info between SharpSpring and Salesforce


While SharpSpring seamlessly syncs with Salesforce to enable the transfer of data like custom fields, leads, contacts, events, opportunities, and so on, it doesn’t natively support syncing of campaigns. That said, we can still achieve this by using automations to enable the campaign attribution info to be passed between SharpSpring and Salesforce through custom fields.

Solution Expert: Denis Muhuri

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The customer will need a Salesforce specialist/power user who will build the automations on the SalesForce side.

Salesforce Requirements

These are the requirements that you must meet in order to use the Salesforce integration:

  • You must be using either the Enterprise, Unlimited, Professional, or Performance edition of Salesforce.
  • The CRM user must be an administrator in Salesforce.
  • The CRM user must have Marketing User privileges.
  • The CRM user must have modify all data selected within the system administrator profile of Salesforce.
  • Password expiration within Salesforce must be turned off.
  • API Access must be turned on

What this solution gives you

Having this solution allows you to sync campaign attribution info between SharpSpring and Salesforce so that you can evaluate which marketing channels are giving you the best ROI

How we’ll Implement this Solution for You

We’ll create the Custom Fields in SharpSpring. Then we’ll build an automation that stores the Campaign data in the custom fields and then sync those fields with Salesforce.

Your internal specialist will be responsible for creating Custom Fields for each Campaign you want to Sync in Salesforce, and then building the automation which assigns the campaign to the leads/contacts based on the field value.


Cost to Implement


  • One-time setup fee: $150
  • $20 Monthly maintenance fee

Standard and up:

  • Included in the package

Denis Muhuri

About the Author

Denis is the Head of Delivery and Customer Success at FunnelBud, where he passionately guides businesses towards understanding and leveraging the power of marketing automation and CRM to optimize their marketing and sales processes. With an extensive background in digital marketing and marketing automation systems, he specializes in integrating these elements to create dynamic and efficient strategies.


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