Foot-in-the-door Automated Lead Generator


The Foot in the Door (FITD) technique is a widely-used strategy that aims to persuade people to agree to a bigger request by having them agree to smaller requests. Utilizing this principle, this advanced funnel is designed to get leads to take action on small irrestible free offers first and gradually move them into the sales process where they will be converted as customers.

Solution expert: Sheryll Chua

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What this solution gives you
  • A complete end-to-end process that generates, qualifies and converts leads to customers
  • A consultation to help you define each stage of the process based on your business model
  • Optionally, an Advanced Funnel Tracking Report to show you how your leads move through the funnel


How it works

Stage 1:

  • Advertise an offer on Facebook. Google Adwords or LinkedIn
  • Create a landing page for that offer
  • When the lead sign up on the landing page, send the offer
  • Enter lead into an email drip promoting another offer (free webinar, contact page, more in-depth report/information, free “checkup”).
  • Each email will contain a CTA button or a link. The CTA or link can lead to a webinar registration page, another landing page where you get more specific information from the customer, a detailed contact me page (lead is specifically requesting to be contacted and can even give a date and time).
  • If the lead performed an action (registered, booked, signed up, etc), the email drip will stop and lead will move to Stage 2
  • If lead did not do anything after the last email in the drip has been sent, lead will be added to the newsletter list.

Stage 2:

  • After the “action” in Stage 1 is completed, enter lead into another email drip promoting the next offer (free consultation, free demo, another meeting, free trial, etc)
  • If lead performed an action, stop email drip and move to Stage 3
  • If lead did not do anything, add to newsletter list.

Stage 3:

  • Lead becomes qualified
  • Create an opportunity for lead and follow up manually to sell the product
  • Optionally, enter lead into an email drip to get them to be more interested to buy
  • If the deal is won, lead becomes a customer and will be added to a Upsell list for further processing in the future.
  • If the deal is lost, lead is added to the newsletter list.

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How we will deliver this solution to you
  • We arrange a meeting to discuss what you’d like to offer in each stages of the process
  • You need to provide:
    • Content for the landing page and emails
    • Other marketing materials such as white paper, report or anything that is offered in the funnel
    • Access/login credentials to tools, if they will be use and needs to be integrated with FunnelBud (like Facebook Lead Ads, webinar tools, etc)
  • We setup everything (landing page, emails, forms, automations, campaigns, etc) using dummy text initially. We’ll replace with actual content once they are provided.
  • We demo the whole process to your team and provide a user guide


Cost to implement
  • Basic: Custom quote
  • Standard and Premium: Included within the allowed scope of the Standard and Premium package. Please see our pricing page for more details on how much is included.


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Sheryll Chua

About the Author

Sheryll is a senior project manager at FunnelBud who enjoys automating challenging processes as well as coming up with out-of-the-box solutions to make clients' work easier and more efficient. She is also the team's reporting specialist responsible for building reports and dashboards to help you develop data-driven business strategies.


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